PowerPack For LearnDash

50 Powerful Modules to supercharge your LearnDash powered WordPress website.

Powerful Modules For All LearnDash Websites

Auto Complete Lessons and Topics

Checks for the mark complete button and allows automatic completion without a button click!

Custom Content to The Single Course Template

Allows you to add text to after the LearnDash info bar of the course.

All Access to Previously Completed Courses

Allow the student to access all previously completed courses.

Unlimited Quiz Attempts

Allows unlimited quiz attempts for all users including the admin.

Bypass WooCommerce Background Enrolment

Usually you need to set a cron for WooCommerce enrolment integration. With this the background process is bypassed.

Bypass LearnDash Lesson Drip-Feed Logic for Admin Users

Automatically bypass all drip-feed logic for admin users to allow for easier testing of the course.

Open the Certificate Link in a new Window

Keep your users on your website by opening the LearnDash certificate shortcode link in a new window.

Change Focus Mode Comment Reply Title

Easily change the comment reply title in Focus Mode.

Change the Text of the "Purchase With Credit Card" Button

Change the text of the purchase with credit card button for the LearnDash Stripe integration.

Bulk Change Course Access Type to Closed

Enabling this option changes the course access type to closed for all courses.

Bulk Change the Course Access Type to Closed From Open

Change the course access type to closed if the course access type is currently open.

Welcome Message in Focus Mode

Change the LearnDash Focus Mode welcome message to use the first name rather than the username.

Change the Complete Button Border Radius

Enable this then set the value of the border radius for the mark complete button.

Change the Course Grid Custom Button Text

Enable this option to change course grid custom button text.

LearnDash Course Points to 2 Decimal Places

Enable this option to set the LearnDash Course Points to 2 Decimal Places

Disable Course Progression

Enable this option to completely disable the LearnDash course progression logic.

Disable Gutenberg for LearnDash

Enable this option to disable the WordPress block editor/Gutenberg for LearnDash post types.

Disable the use of Transients for LearnDash

Enable this to disable transients in LearnDash

Disable Auto-Start Video on Mobile

Enable this option to disable the auto start of videos when using LearnDash video progression on mobile devices.

Custom Message for LearnDash Course List

Display a custom message when ld_course_list shortcode returns no results.

Display Course Content Below the Prerequisite Message

Enable this option to Display course content below prerequisite message.

Only Allow Comments on Quiz Post Type

Only allow comments on Quiz post type.

Course Steps in the WordPress Menu

Enable Course Steps to be added to the default WordPress Menu.

Set the LearnDash Course Taxonomy to Public

Set the custom taxonomy 'ld_course_taxonomy' to public.

Expand Lessons Section by Default in Focus Mode

Automatically expand the lessons section by default in focus mode

Disable Comments on LearnDash Assignments

Enable this option disable comments on LearnDash Assignment.

Force HTML Formatting on Quizzes

Force HTML formatting on Quiz emails.

Force Page Reload on Quiz Restart

Enable this option to force page reload when Restart Quiz button is clicked.

Hide Comments From Activity Widget

Enable this option will Hide comments from Assignments and Essay from showing on Dashboard Activity Widget.

Hide Course Points

Enabele this option to hide Coures Points from the User profil.

Hide the Open Access Type in Courses

Enable this option to hide the Open option from Course Access settings.

Include the Admin Users in Reports

Enable this option will Include admin users in display and reporting.

Matrix Sorting 2 Column Layout

Display Matrix Sorting Question 2 Column Layout.

Change the Outgoing Email of ProPanel Emails

Change the outgoing email address of ProPanel emails

Disable Auto Enrollment for Admin Users

Enable this option will disbaled auto enrollment for admin users in all Courses.

Stop use of the_content Filter to Display Content

Enable this option to stop the use of the_content filter to display content for LearnDash Post Types.

Allow User to Proceed From Failed Quizzes

Enable this option will show Quiz continue button for all quiz if the student fails.

Redirect to Lesson Quiz

Enable this option to redirect the student to a Lesson Quiz when they complete the last Lesson Topic.

Remove LearnDash Elements From User Profile

Enable this option to remove all LearnDash profile elements from the WordPress User profile.

Remove Video Progression Cookie on Lesson Completion

Remove Video Progression Cookie on Lesson Completion

Remove Price Section

Enabling this options removes the price section from the LearnDash info bar on the front-end.

Restrict Access to Certificates

only allow admin ( users with manage_options capability ) to access certificates.

Lesson Samples For Logged-in Users

Only allow logged in users to access samples

Change the Sample Lesson Label

Change "Sample Lesson" label.

LearnDash Show Course Progression Next Step Link for all Users

Enabling this option will allow all user to see Course Progression Next Step Link without completing the Lessons/Topic.

LearnDash Show Course Progression Next Step Link for Admin

Enable this option will allow only admin to show Course Progression Next Step Link without completing the Lessons/Topic

Change Take This Course Button Label

Replace the Take this Course button label for closed course

Unenroll the User on Course Expiry From Groups

Unenroll the User from All common Groups when the Course access is expired.

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