How to use Related Courses for LearnDash

First of all what are related courses? Related courses is a method to up-sell your potential students other courses on your LearnDash website by highlighting relevant courses on the individual course page like this:

In this guide we’ll walk you through how to setup related courses for LearnDash.

Step 1: Edit or create a course

First of all you need to have your courses created. So if you haven’t go ahead and create them. Once done go to edit your course under your wp-admin > LearnDash LMS.

On the main course page you’ll see a related courses box like this:

Click on “Add” to add a related course like this:

You can add as many courses as you want and they will display stacked. Alternatively check the “use slider” box and they will appear as a slider instead on your individual course page.

Step 2: What components from the course show on the related courses?

The following components of a course show for the related course:

  1. Course Title.
  2. Course Excerpt
  3. Course Featured Image
  4. Course Price

Once you have configured your related courses save your changes and on the front-end of your individual course you’ll now see the related courses.

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