How to Create a Link Between a Parent and Student

NEW Since 2.0

Now creating a parent and student link can be done on the front-end of the website! Making it easier than ever.

First create a page and call it anything you want. Then add to that page the following shortcode


This will then display a page where you can add your student/child and manage their courses.

How does it work:

  1. Your child must have an existing account on the website. If they don’t you can create one for them.
  2. Then go to the page and enter the same email address that their account is registered with and click “add child”.
  3. The student/child will then receive an email to confirm the link. One confirmed you’ll see the account linked like in the screenshot above.
  4. You can unlink the account simply by clicking “unclick”.
  5. You can then assign courses you have purchased by clicking the “expand” button and then assigning them to the user. This supports both LearnDash courses purchases and course purchases done via WooCommerce.

How to create a parent student link in the WordPress admin

Creating a link between the student and parent is easy. Head on over to your wp-admin > Parent Access.

Click on “Create New Link” 

Select the parent in the left-hand box and select the students in the right hand box. It’s possible to associate multiple students with a parent.

Click on save. The page will refresh and you’ll see your new association like so:

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